Cross Domain Solutions

Owl offers the most comprehensive offering of Cross Domain Solutions available:

Enterprise or Tactical, Single and multi-domain, File transfer, Streaming, Full Motion Video, VoIP, Chat, Portable Media

US Government

XD Bridge

XD Bridge™ is a dual-guard, quad-diode appliance that combines flexibility, low cost and high performance. Ideal for a variety of cross domain and data diode applications, XD Bridge delivers fast, effective, and secure data transfer between systems of differing security levels.

XD Bridge

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XD Guardian

XD Guardian™ is the world’s first and only U.S. Government accredited exportable CDS, bringing proven, advanced data transfer and filtering capabilities to customers around the world, including foreign and domestic governments, critical infrastructure, and commercial organizations.

XD Guardian

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As a trusted advisor to the NSA, Red Hat, IBM, and other high-assurance security customers, Owl services provide our customers with the high integrity security that meets the challenges of the most demanding environments in the world.

From flexible mandatory access controls in SELinux, to known good filtering and deep content inspection, our team can work with you to design, build, deploy, and support certification and accreditation activities for your environment. Our qualified engineers are dedicated to supporting our customers, including appropriate security clearance when necessary.

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Data Types We Can Transfer

Streaming Data
Fixed Format Data
Complex Data
Voice & Video Communications
Full Motion Video

Cross Domain Form Factors Available

Secure Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration Gateway

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eXtensible Chat Bridge

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About Tresys

Tresys has merged with Owl Cyber Defense, please visit the Owl website to learn more about the products and services we offer